Millie’s Law: Update

September 5, 2016

As it is now September 2016, we are pleased to hear that “Millie’s Law” has come into full effect. This means that staff with Childcare Levels 2 and 3 qualifications must have an Emergency Paediatric First Aid or Full Paediatric First Aid certificate.
Each nursery or childcare-based centre that has 100% trained staff will also receive “Millie’s Mark”, a new kite-mark scheme certificate that helps validate the quality of nurseries or childcare-based centre.
The awarding of Millie’s Mark will be dependent on all of the criteria being met in addition to the legal requirements as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework.
Childcare providers will work to keep these crucial skills in the forefront of their employees’ minds, so that they are competent and ready to act in an emergency situation.
However, Millie’s Mark is valid for three years in which time nursery, or childcare, providers must maintain the standards set within the criteria.
The aims of Millie’s Mark are to keep children safe and minimise risk and accidents by:
• Raising standards in paediatric first aid;
• Increasing numbers of first aid-trained staff;
• Increasing competency in applying first aid;
• Enabling staff to respond quickly in emergencies;
• Raising the quality and skills of the Early Years Workforce and helping them with day-to-day first aid issues, such as allergies;
• Providing reassurance to parents.
Any questions on further information about “Millie’s Law”, please do not hesitate to contact us at either,,, or phone us at 01642 602600.
Thank you.

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