Schools allowed spare EpiPen after change in Legislation

February 16, 2018

All schools in the UK are now allowed to buy a spare EpiPen, or alternative adrenaline auto-injector, for use on children with serious allergies in emergencies following a change in the law that took effect in October.

Previously children under the risk of anaphylaxis had to have a prescription for an adrenaline auto-injector to be held at school. However 17% of fatal allergic reactions to school-aged children occur while at school so this is a move that will prevent avoidable deaths and give families peace of mind.

All Primary and Secondary schools are now able to order extra EpiPens when consent from parents and doctors has been obtained.

When a child may need an additional dosage, their own device may be lost, doesn’t work properly, or was used incorrectly the spare pen will be an invaluable life-saving measure that schools now have at their disposal.

JD Training offers a half-day training course about Anaphylaxis and the administration of the EpiPen, it is highly recommended schools have key-staff trained up to date to provide the highest standard of care necessary. The course covers the signs and symptoms of anaphylactic shock  and what to do in the event the situation arises. Not just for schools however this course is available to anyone with a duty of care who feels they need the skills and knowledge associated with allergies and reactions.

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