Instinct Martial Arts putting Health & Safety first

March 21, 2018

Instinct Martial Arts, of Middlesbrough, have turned a near tragedy into huge success for the club after purchasing a Defibrillator unit and undergoing a First-Aid course at JD Training Solutions.

In December a member of the club suffered a cardiac arrest during a session which meant that CPR had to be given for over 15 minutes until an ambulance and paramedics arrived to take control of the situation. Due to the quick action taken the member went on to have a full recovery. However having to wait for the ambulance with the necessary equipment and fully trained paramedics made Instinct think about the future and how they may not be so lucky next time. So they set out to raise funds for a Defibrillator unit and First-Aid training for the team to ensure if the situation ever arises again they are best prepared to tackle it.

The Instinct team took part in Hartlepool’s Boxing Day Dip at Seaton Carew and raised £4,031 for the academy to purchase the Defib unit, and on Sunday 4th March 21 instructors and students came down to JD Training for a whole day First-Aid course that included training in the use of the Defibrillator.

Jamie Muldowney, Senior Instructor at Instinct, said: “It brings peace of mind to have the equipment, it’s a really good thing to have. It’s another step to ensuring safety for everyone, and it came from our fundraising.”

Instinct Martial Arts is based on a Middlesbrough industrial estate – where there isn’t another defibrillator in the vicinity. Such an important, and potentially life-saving, piece of equipment is often ignored by businesses. Thanks to Instinct a Defibrillator is available in the area but many other businesses, high streets or industrial estates cannot say the same and run the risk of a potentially fatal occurrence that could have been avoided.

Even basic First-Aid is vital to the modern workplace. Incidents occur that might not require an ambulance or hospital treatment, or perhaps an incident occurs where you can’t wait for the ambulance to arrive. It is your duty to be a first responder and ensure the health and safety of your staff and customers.

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