Principles of COSHH


JD Own Certificate


1 Day

Maximum Attendees

1 Person

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This training will, upon successful completion, help to prepare candidates to assess the dangers of chemical substances and biological agents, which they may face in their day-to-day activities. Candidates will be better equipped to co-operate with their managers to ensure the safer use of hazardous substances, and reduction of risk from biological infection. Please note however, that this training is not intended to be a substitute for training and instruction in the safe use of specific substances used in candidates workplace, this remains the responsibility of local managers who should base instruction upon COSHH assessments and safety data sheets.

Course Contents

  • Explain the term “substance hazardous to health” and give examples
  • State the forms hazardous substances can take  
  • Explain how hazardous substances can enter the body
  • Give examples of injury and illness caused by hazardous substances
  • State the principles of controlling hazardous substances and relate to their workplace
  • Understand the role of a COSHH assessment

Accrediated Qualification

JD Own Certificate