Donations this Christmastime

Written by S. Heath - 30 October 2020

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As we approach the final couple of months of what has seemed to be a very long year, JD Training is asking for your help.

2020 has proved to be a difficult year for many of us, and, unfortunately some people are struggling more than ever. We often take for granted what we have, whether it's food for our families, a warm bed to sleep in at night, gifts we can buy our loved ones, and treats for ourselves. As we enter a very strange, socially-distanced Christmastime, where many of us will not even be able to see our family and friends, or to share the merriment of the season, we at JD Training have decided to give back, and to help those who need it most.

Each year, we help one of our amazing trainers, Simon, collect donations for the Billingham and Stockton Foodbank. The foodbank is part of the Trussell Trust, and helps all across the Stockton and Billingham community. They just don’t collect food, but toiletries, clothing, household items, and provide schemes to help those in crisis. Please visit their website to read more about all the amazing work they do for the community. In addition to the foodbank, we are also collecting gifts for children in need this season.

Another charity we are also collecting donations for is the Cause Christmas Hampers, a local Teesside Charity. For the past 33 years, they have been creating hampers for families in need, often those with young children. We are collecting for two families this year, who are in need of food and gifts. Please visit the Cause Christmas Hamper website to find out more about the wonderful work they have done over the years, and what donations are needed for the hampers. The information for our two families are:

Family One: Mum, 24, Dad, 20, Girl, 2, Boy, newborn.

Family Two: Mum, 33, Boys, 14 & 12, Girl, 9.

There will be drop-in baskets at our reception, and we urge you to donate what you can, whether you are coming into our centre for training, or a meeting. We understand it has been an especially hard year for everyone, but no donation is too small, and it would mean everything to these amazing charities that need your help, as well as the families being helped.

Thank you so much in advance!

The JD Training Team.

The Billingham and Stockton Food Bank Website: https://billinghamstocktonboro...

The Cause Christmas Hamper Website: