What is Social Care Associate Practitioner (SCAP) Training?

Written by S. Heath - 8 August 2022

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Our SCAP (Social care associate practitioner) training programme is aimed to equip senior staff within your care practice with clinical and management skills, it adheres to many aspects of a registered nursing course.

The current national shortage of nurses is likely to last for a number of years, therefore the SCAP role is a fantastic initiative in response to the problem.

The SCAP role allows healthcare professionals to work alongside nursing colleagues and take on additional responsibilities, creating a solution to the national shortage of nurses experienced across the care sector.

Please Note: Delegates MUST be at a minimum of NVQ/QCF/RQF Level 3 standard and be supported by a Registered Nurse ( workplace mentor)

“I found the course actually fun which made the learning easier to do. It was brilliant to learn new skills and how to better ourselves in our roles. I’ve found I can now help the nurses more, taking some of the load off them and working alongside them to ensure smooth running and care for our service users”Kayleigh, SCAP Delegate

A nurse caring for an elderly resident

“I found the course very interesting and not boring like some. What I learned I feel has made me able to support the nurses a lot more confidently knowing that my training was only done recently it’s all very fresh info. Also, being able to take some of their jobs to do myself e.g. blood taking has been good .”Becky, SCAP Delegate

Two elderly residents hands clasped over together

“We have upskilled our team and bridged the gap between our nurses and care staff. Allowing them to support and assist the nurses. The care team really enjoyed the course and it has added value to our team. It has allowed us to develop a Social Care Associate Practitioner course that has been of immense value to our organisation. This has provided us with a much needed resource when nursing applications are very limited. We chose JD Training Solutions Ltd because of their great service , Annette and her team have been totally flexible and worked very closely with us giving us the right support at the right time.”Steve Massey, Operations Director Solehawk Ltd, Popular Care Ltd and Intobeige


Learners can progress to the TQUK Level 5 Diploma in Assistant Healthcare Practitioner


£1200 + VAT 

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