Fire Risk Management


JD Own Certificate


1 Day

Maximum Attendees

1 Person

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This one-day training event is aimed at managers who have been given the responsibility to assess and management the risk of fire in their workplaces. The training will equip participants to identify fire hazards, assess levels of fire risk, implement suitable fire prevention measures and establish and maintain adequate firefighting equipment. Candidates will also review the importance of emergency evacuation procedures, and fire incident recording. This course is suitable for managers and other staff who are responsible for assessing and managing the risk of fire in their workplaces.

Course Contents

  • Understand the legal framework relating to fire safety
  • Appreciate the purpose and procedures of investigating fires in the workplace
  • Outline the principles of ignition and fire spread in buildings
  • Identify the main causes of fire and appropriate control measures to minimise fire risks
  • Understand the means of fire protection and prevention of fire spread within buildings
  • Advise on firefighting equipment, maintenance of firefighting equipment, fire evacuation procedures, staff training
  • Use a simple fire risk assessment
  • Determine the levels of risk and assess the adequacy of the control measures
  • Identify people at risk and advice on suitable control measures a procedures
  • Understand the legal importance of record keeping.

Accrediated Qualification

JD Own Certificate