Health and Safety (Virtual Learning)


JD Own Certificate


Learner Specific

Maximum Attendees

30 People

Cost Per Course


Cost Per Person



The Health & Safety awareness course will ensure learners have the required knowledge for health & safety within their workplace. A particular emphasis will be on Stress during the Covid 19 pandemic recognition and coping mechanisms.

A competency assessment will be required which will be given to employers for their workplace records.

(Course price; £20 per individual person including VAT. Group rates up to 30 people is £12.50 per person including VAT. To book a group, please refer to our booking enquiry form in the Contact Us section)

Course Contents

  • Appreciate the factors that contribute to poor health, safety and welfare in the workplace.
  • Understand the legal duties placed on employers and employees in respect of health and safety at work.
  • Understand the principles of accident and ill-health prevention, and recognise the role of risk assessment in prevention.
  • Be aware of the main hazards at work such as manual handling, stress, electricity etc., and the precautions used to control risk from such hazards.
  • Understand the practice of good hygiene, and the concepts of hygiene hazards.
  • Be aware of the importance of good personal hygiene, and recognise the need of high standards of hygiene and cleaning in the workplace.

Accrediated Qualification

JD Own Certificate