Dementia UK

Written by S. Heath - 28 August 2020

Tags: news, events

Earlier this year, a member of our JD Training family,  Dawn, sadly lost her father, David Dinsdale. David was a wonderful man who was loved by many, and unfortunately suffered from dementia. Dawn and her sister, Diane -- a previous member of our JD Training family -- completed a sponsored walk to raise money, in honour of his memory. We have donated not only to them, but also to Dementia UK, which we managed to host an event for back in March, just before restrictions started, where we had the honour of meeting David himself in person. We're sending our love and support to Dawn and Diane and their families during this time.

If anyone is interested in donating, we have links below to Dementia UK and the Alzheimer's Society. If you wish to support Dawn and Diane on future fundraising events, please let us know and we will pass on any and all relevant information.