Essential Training for Staff Supporting the Health and Social Care Sector

Written by S. Heath - 20 July 2021

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These courses are fully funded by Skills for Care

We can deliver priority training free of charge during the current period to ensure that you have a skilled and competent workforce, however, all training must be completed. If learners fail to complete the training, there will be a cost charged.

Our training covers the essential modules you need to work in Adult Health and Social Care whilst, also allowing everyone to ask questions or have discussions to make the raining a supportive as possible. The course modules covered in the Rapid Induction Programme, which is currently highest in demand, are:

  • Care Certification Knowledge Digital Learning
  • Assisting and Moving People – Theory and Witnessed Practical
  • Basic Life Support
  • Fire Safety
  • Food Safety
  • Health and Safety Awareness
  • Infection Prevention and Control (COVID-19 included)
  • Safeguarding (specifically around isolation)
  • Medication

All our training is done virtually, either in private groups, or in open virtual classrooms with other learners. You only need a computer with a webcam, microphone, and a stable internet connection.

Virtual Learning; Quality Training

By using Zoom to host our virtual training, we are able to use practical elements such as visual aids and videos so that we are able to deliver the same course material as we would in a classroom environment.

Our courses are designed in a way that has mean we haven’t had to adapt too much; we are able to send out the same resources and workbooks as we usually would.

We encourage participation through group discussions and holding live Q&A sessions throughout the course to get an indication of how much learning the participants have been able to retain. We also continuously monitor engagement throughout our courses to ensure learners are actively taking part; if learners have their cameras or microphones turned off, or have not been responsive for a while, they can be removed from the course if the trainer feels that they are not actively taking part in the training session.

At JD Training Solutions LTD., our course content and quality has not been changed in any way – we have simply adapted to delivering the training in a new, digital way.

With Zoom, we are able to use functions like the whiteboard tool, or breakout rooms to allow people to have discussions or take part in activities and get involved with the task.