JD Training in Partnership with NICE

Written by J. Stevenson - 16 February 2018

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JD Training is proud to announce we are working alongside the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in order to improve the standards of training within Social Care.

NICE is a Non-Departmental Public Body that is accountable to its sponsor department, the Department for Health and Social Care but operationally is independent from Government. NICE’s role is to improve outcomes for people using the NHS and other public health and social care services. They do this by:

JD Training was one of several Training Solutions firms acknowledged and asked to assess and improve current NICE Training practices and materials.

Managing Director Annette Heath is a registered nurse by background and has always used evidence-based guidance in her practice and at JD Training there is a strong belief in using evidence-based guidance to ensure the information and pathways being taught are correct, as ultimately the delegate will then be practicing evidence-based skills in their work. We have been glad to use and reference NICE Quality Standards and Guidelines within our training and recognize it as a symbol of high caliber standards within social care.

We believe this relationship to be a symbiotic one, in that we can help not only improve the standard of guidance from NICE but also benefit from their clarifications and updated materiel to provide better training ourselves. Ultimately leading to improving the quality of health and social care provided within England.