National Road Victim Awareness Month

Written by S. Heath - 1 August 2021

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August is National Road Victim Awareness Month, as recognised by charity RoadPeace in 1992. The month aims to highlight the dangers of certain driving practices, as well as focus on ensuring justice and support for victims and families of these tragedies. Here at JD Training, we would like to encourage everyone to practice safety procedures, as the best way to avoid these events from occurring is prevention. 

Types of prevention we encourage for drivers are;

  • Not speeding, especially in quiet, restricted-speed suburban areas
  • Obeying traffic laws, especially at traffic lights: stopping at red lights, slowing down at yellow lights, and only going when it's green and safe to do so.
  • Not texting and driving, or using other distractions when driving
  • Focusing on surroundings, especially in bad weather or at night 
  • Not drinking and driving. If you go out to drink, please use a taxi service

However, we know that even with all the preventions in place, accidents can still happen, and lives can tragically still be lost. We at JD Training are here to promote life saving techniques that could make a crucial difference when these tragedies occur.

From CPR, to broken bones, blood loss, to burns, and much more, we have the tools to teach you valuable, life saving skills with our variety of First Aid courses we have on offer for those interested. From schools, care homes, offices, and individual persons , we can cater to everyone who wishes to learn these skills. 

To find out more about our courses, please explore our website, or contact us on 01642 602600, or email us at

To read more about the wonderful work RoadPeace is doing, as well as what you can do to help, please visit their website at