Skills for Care Rapid Induction Training

Written by S. Heath - 29 October 2021

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Led by our top trainers through a safe, virtual learning environment.

With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting every industry hard, its no surprise that the care industry was one of the ones hit the hardest. The after-effects of the pandemic has resulted in a large gap in the job market, but we here at JD Training can offer the appropriate training for all those considering employment within care, and how to start.

The Rapid Induction Training is a Skills for Care initiative, that covers all 15 standards of the Care Certificate in a condensed two-day virtual course. Perfect for those just starting out in the world of care, completing these online sessions means that within the two days, they are ready to start in their new role. Whilst competencies and work-based observations are required to receive the full Care Certificate, the standards below will be covered in-depth, and will give knowledge and confidence no matter your employment experience and background. 

Care Certificate Standards

  1. Understand your role
  2. Your personal development
  3. Duty of care
  4. Equality and diversity
  5. Work in a person-centred way
  6. Communication
  7. Privacy and dignity
  8. Fluids and nutrition
  9. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disabilities
  10. Safeguarding adults, especially around isolation
  11. Safeguarding children
  12. Basic life support
  13. Health and safety
  14. Handling information
  15. Infection prevention and control, including special measures for COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is this training?

The training is fully funded for all those who complete the training, and registered into the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set. To register, simply click the link

here, complete your details, and once you're ready to book with us (see below), provide your ASC-WDS Workplace ID number. 

Who is this training for?

Although primarily focussed on new staff entering the care industry, the Rapid Induction course can also accommodate care staff moving into a new role within their organisation that requires the Care Certificate.  New staff will learn and understand each of the 15 elements of the Care Certificate meaning that no previous experience is required. Skills for Care introduced the initiative to help employers hire staff quickly, with minimal costs and previous experience.

When are the next available dates?

  • 3rd and 5th November 2021
  • 10th and 11th November 2021
  • 17th and 19th November 2021
  • 1st and 3rd December 2021
  • 8th and 10th December 2021
  • 15th and 17th December 2021
  • 20th and 21st December 2021
  • 5th and 7th January 2022
  • 12th and 14th January 2022
  • 26th and 27th January 2022

How do I book?

By booking, you can simply call us on 01642 602600 or email us at Alternatively, you can book online on our website, just click the button below! If you are completing the booking through phone/email, please remember to quote your ASC-WDS account number to us, if you book on our website, please contact us with the number either before or after the booking has been made!

For any further questions, please get in touch, thank you.

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