Spring Update: What’s been happening at JD Training

March 3, 2017

With our portfolio ever increasing, JD Training Solutions — now in our twelth year — are working to add new courses, as well as improving our already exisiting ones.

We’re especially proud of our induction training┬áinto Health and Social Care. Here at JD, we believe that thefoundation of the induction is to ensure that our learners are given the tools and confidence to provide excellent personal care with privacy and dignity. Our courses are educational and practical; even moreso with our interactive section.

The interactive part of the course — featuring sensory impairment glasses and a body suit that limits movement — teaches learners what life is like with a disability, creating an immersive simulation, and shows hands-on how difficult simple activities such as eating and sitting down can be, and how difficult these challenges can be to service users every day. The learners will then leave our centre with understanding and knowledge required to fulfil their role in health and social care successfully.


JD has received praised over a varied platform, including doctors, nurses, teachers and personal care assistants, especially regarding our tutors in their delivery of training and how they have made it simple to understand, given them confidence and unafraid to use AED if required.

We have seen a huge increase in the number of learners wanting paediatric First Aid since the introduction of Millie’s Law (for more on that, read here) and Millie’s Mark. This is a wonderful testament to the parents of Millie who campaigned for paediatric First Aid training to be given to those taking care of children. Our paediatric trainers have had exceptional feedback on how it made the learners feel more confident in dealing with emergency situations with babies and children.

It is a natural reaction for parents to be anxious when leaving their children with nurseries, schools and child minders, but to know that the staff in the establishments have had this training gives reassurance to all. It has also had a positive effect on osme people who have not achieved any qualifications since leaving school, leaving our centre with a Level 3 qualification and feeling extremely proud of themselves, inspiring them to learn more.

We hope our year continues to be successful and sees the growth of our company approaching!

Any questions on the topics mentioned above, or general queries as well as course bookings, please contact us on 01642 602600. Alternatively, you can email us at pam@jd-training.co.uk, rebecca@jd-training.co.uk or annette@jd-traning.co.uk. Thank you.

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